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NTTM and our "New Norm" ... a Message from Gail Dobinski, LMT

Welcome to Nurturing Touch.  I am currently preparing for a PHASE 2 Reopening per the Commonwealth of MA.  Here, at NTTM, I will prioritize and maintain personal/client safety, sanitizing protocols and proper social distancing to ensure a comfortable and stress free appointment for you.  We are all experiencing uncertainty in our day on many levels, and although the studio experience may look a little different due to COVID-19, I am ready to work with you and help you achieve, revisit, and sustain your wellness goals by including massage therapy in a safe environment.  Below is a preview of how NTTM will be in compliance.

Do you know a Frontline Worker or Medical Professional?  Consider a massage Gift Card to honor their service!

Not ready for the full body experience yet??

Consider a 30 minute chair massage! Clients remain fully clothed and work can be done on the neck, back, arms, and legs.
PPE and Supplies..What NTTM has on hand...

Disposable Gloves 
Disposable Masks
Face Shield -  LMT
Vinyl Apron and uniform changes - LMT
99.9% UV Disinfectant Wand
Contactless Thermometer Gun
Wipeable Table Undersheet
Hand Sanitizer
Appropriate office cleaning supplies
Toilet paper and paper towels

What NTTM will do  to keep and maintain a safe environment..

  • Completely clean all rooms at the beginning of the day and sustain sanitation in between clients. Bathrooms will be cleaned continuously and in between clients.  2 paper towels will be left on the sink for each client to dry their hands.
  • Clients will be scheduled with a minimum of an hour in between to ensure sustained sanitization occurs. No Walk-in Clients
  • A wipeable, waterproof undersheet that can be sanitized in between clients will be used under the traditional linens.  Linens are changed for each client, as normal.  At the end of the day, that undersheet and all client linens will be washed.
  • Clients will be given a bag to put their clothes in.   A facemask will be provided upon request or bring your own. LMT will wear appropriate PPE.
  • Client linens will be stored in a snap tight box
  • I will be confirming appointments the day before and provide instructions on how to enter the studio for your appointment.
  • Appointment Checkin includes new paperwork with verbal confirmation and a temperature check
  • Consider prepaying and booking your next appointment prior to your scheduled appointment to minimize office time.

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