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Promote and Maintain Loyalty
with a Corporate Wellness 
Chair Massage Program!

On-site chair massage has become very popular for its portability and its capacity to offer therapeutic massage to a large number of people in a short period of time with minimal interruption to their work day.

Many companies are choosing to enhance their existing Wellness Programs to include regular corporate chair massage visits and are realizing an immediate measurable, positive response from their staff.  Not only do they feel appreciated for their commitment to their work; they are experiencing greater vitality and productivity throughout the day.

Today's corporate culture has evolved into a busy environment filled with many options on how we deliver our work, such as:

  • commute times to and from
  • length of time we spend at our workstations
  • eating lunch at our workstations
  • working from home in a non-ergonomic setting

All of the above translates the need for more self-care and awareness in the workplace.

Nurturing Touch - Corporate Time Out is invested in providing professional, cost-effective chair massage visits, and will also help educate your staff about self-care in the workplace by providing:
  • customized postural assessments for each participant receiving massage
  • a suggested self-care game plan tailored to their  identified trouble areas * (for companies with multi-visits scheduled)
  • measurable participant progress updates * (for companies with multi-visits scheduled)
  • Suggested workplace stretches

Please click on the one of the events below to learn more about customizing your Corporate Chair Massage Visit or Program and to schedule your Event. 

Hiring a Corporate Time Out, a local company, ensures that you will experience:
  • a timely response to event requests and visits
  • professional licensed and insured Massage Therapists
  • Local Massage Therapists that are committed to educating your staff and providing a quality service
  • Local Massage Therapists that are familiar with the Metrowest and Greater Boston Areas

Setup for On-site Chair Massage
Just a small footprint is needed  to provide on-site chair massage.  Typically, Therapists will set up in a conference room, employee break area, or lobby/reception area.
Nurturing Touch - Corporate Time Out provides:
  • Exceptional, quality Customer Service and attention to detail for your Event
  • Courteous, Professional, and Credentialed (Uniformed) Massage Therapists
  • Fully insured and licensed Massage Therapists
  • Massage Chairs and all associated supplies required by Therapists
  • Appropriate music for the Event & Aromatherapy upon request
  • Affordable, customized Event pricing because we're a local business



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