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Massage Therapist Independent Contractor Form
Full Name
Preferred Email (The one you regularly check)
Cell Phone
Massage School Attended
Graduation Date
Total Program Hours
MA License Number
MA License Month/Year Expiration Date
Liability Insurance
Massage Magazine
Liability Insurance Month/Year Expiration Date
I own a Massage Chair
I have access to a Massage Chair
I own a table to transport
I have access to a table for transport
Most Corporate work requires a dresscode, please indicate what garments you have readily avilable
black slacks
khaki slacks
white polo (no logos)
black polo (no logos)
white button down shirt (no logos)
black button down shirt (no logos)
I've got all of these!
Please indicate the days and times that you are availble
Monday AM
Monday PM
Tuesday AM
Tuesday PM
Wednesday AM
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM
Thursday PM
Friday AM
Friday PM
Weekends with notice
My schedule is flexible...give me a try
Your Work Preferences
I prefer Chair Massage work
I prefer sports massage/table work
I can do both
Please indicate the geographic radius you are comfortable traveling for work
10 miles
20-25 miles
50 miles (it better be worth it!)
Indicate what job parameters are important to you..
Parking is paid
I can pass out my business cards
Please indicate the hourly rates you are willing to work for. In some cases, a lower rate can have added benefits such as tips and paid parking
Its got to be more than $50/hr
Depends on the venue and extras
Additional Certifications
Pregnancy Certified
Reiki Certified
Cranial Sacral Certified
Geriatric Massage Certified
Hospice Certified
Please tell me more about yourself and your massage experience...No need for a novel, just what you would want me to know.
Additional comments or questions
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